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What makes us different?

While Netfirms offers many advantages over the competition, it is through our premium technology that our strengths really shine - and the fact that it can help our customers do what they want online easier, faster and more securely.

Why are we so well-respected in the industry? We utilize proprietary Clustered Hosting technology and include it as a standard feature in our hosting packages. Plus, we have a proprietary Netfirms Control Panel that makes everything easier for our customers.

Netfirms Tier 1 Data Centers

Our Tier 1 data centers solidify the reliability and scalability of our hosting services. More specifically, they allow us to maintain best practice security measures, have optimum access and maximize control and security of your data, including:

  • Video surveillance
  • Security access reports
  • Redundant power generators (set to engage within 60 seconds)
  • Independent climate controls
  • Advanced fire detection and suppressant system

Plus, we employ Direct Current (DC) power in our Data Center. This provides the highest levels of efficiency and offers significant power savings. It's just one of the ways we're working to reduce our environmental footprint. We know our business has an impact on the environment, that's why we're committed to making it better.

Clustered Hosting Technology

As the name suggests, this type of web hosting spreads the load of hosting across multiple hardware machines or servers. Such load balancing eliminates many of the points of impairment or failure experienced with single server hosting, including: Too many accounts on the server, Denial of Service attacks to sites on the server, poorly written or malicious scripts, plus other security and email issues.

With Clustered Hosting Technology, customers share the power of many servers and applications are distributed in real-time. This provides a "clustered" handling of security, load balancing and important website resources.

While there are many benefits to Clustered Hosting, the most important are:

  • Improved performance and scalability. Resources are virtually unlimited because your account has access to the power of the entire cluster, not just one single server. Storage, bandwidth and CPU are spread across the cluster. Best of all, servers are able to handle spikes in traffic via load balancing, so you experience no disruptions.
  • Greater security. Accounts in the cluster are isolated form one another, so your data is always safe. Poorly written scripts can be isolated, monitored and restricted to that account's CPU cycles.
  • Outstanding value. Clustered Hosting costs much less than dedicated solutions. And while some web host providers regard this technology as a premium for business critical e-commerce and line-of-business applications, Netfirms includes Clustered Hosting as a standard feature with all of our hosting plans.

Netfirms Control Panel.

Developed in-house and exclusive to Netfirms, our user-friendly Netfirms Control Panel allows seamless integration of all features (including account management functions) and takes advantage of faster server speeds.

Incorporating fast AJAX programming, our Control Panel offers numerous features and benefits to the more than 1.2 million websites we host worldwide, including:

  • A highly user-friendly, step-by-step SiteBuilder
  • Seamless installation of one-click e-commerce shopping carts, blogging and content management applications, web analytic and mailing list tools, managed forums, wikis, and more
  • An intuitive File Manager
  • Simple integration of Google Analytics
  • Automatic application of SSL certificates
  • Prorated upgrades/downgrades
  • Capacity to add new domains and manage multiple websites
  • Streamlined transfer of domains to Netfirms
  • Knowledgebase to facilitate troubleshooting
  • Service from a robust, load-balanced, clustered hosting platform

The current version is undoubtedly the most user-friendly control panel we've ever released. However, we are always looking to improve. In fact, most of the changes we've made recently have come from customer feedback. You could say it wouldn't exist without our customers, like you. So if you have any thoughts on how we could simplify or improve even further, please feel free to share your suggestions.